Youth Centre Tallaght

  • 2008
  • Dublin, Irland
  • Bauherr: South Dublin County Council

This is a third attempt to get a building design and budget to match for the Jobstown Youth Services Centre after projects outlined in the previous pages could not be funded.
This version of the project references the Museum of Unlimited Growth by Le Corbusier from 1931.

Precast concrete walls and roofs are used to make a simple extrusion of space of varying widths wrapping around itself in a spiral plan. Door openings allow for cross-circulation and the arrangement of sub-suites of enfilade rooms. Occasional interruptions in the spiral arrangement create courtyards to light and ventilate the rooms. The linear length of the project will be determined by the vacillating budget and the project can be extended at anytime. The concrete structure is exposed externally but interrupted by panels of demountable Corten steel cladding, which can be repositioned should the building be extended.

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