Linear Park

  • 2005—2009
  • Dublin Docklands, Dublin, Irland
  • Bauherr: Dublin Docklands Development Authority

A Linear Park on the Royal Canal will create a significant new public space for people and nature in the Dublin Docklands. The six-hectare garden – a green continuum where the banks and the canal become a single space stretching from North Strand Road to the River Liffey – will include spaces for relaxation, walks and sports, while making new connections to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The design seeks to eliminate the actual separation between the banks and the canal itself and to make a singular park across the full width of the space. To achieve this; the distinction of land and water has been blurred by the introduction of some water basins on land and some planted land contained on floating pontoons into the water basin. These pontoons allow a dramatic seasonal relocation of sections of the park. With the intention of activating the entire park, active and contemplative programme elements are distributed throughout as opposed to being concentrated in a single area. Active functions include children’s play areas, multi-sport platforms, a kayak club and a skate park. Contemplative functions include gardens, water basins and café pavilions. 

The project is the product of a landscape design competition from 2005 with Agence Ter Landscape Architects. HRA were commissioned to provide architectural design and detail development. The first stage of the project was tendered in 2009 but was postponed shortly after.

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